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The truth is, You’re Enough to achieve anything you wish to attain in life. Most people having a self-limiting belief about what they can or cannot do because of their life’s experiences. 

They don’t understand that their experiences only represent a minuscule, microscopic of events to what the world’s possibilities. Therefore, some people stop trying to pursue their dream and success.


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I’m Vanessa Chac. On most days besides running around and catering to my precious little ones, I also covet on plans of global impact! 😀  Yup, I don’t know if
this is a normal thing with other mothers, but sure it’s real for me.
I constantly tinkering my plans, and I think I’m getting close 😉

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I love to connect with like-minded people; such individuals are awesome,
intelligent, open-minded, kind and have a great sense of humor.

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